Reclaim Your Wild




To build character and confidence by showing our love and knowledge of animals and the land we share.

To help you be more and do less by teaching you to connect fully with the animals and their present moment awareness. 

To ignite your instinct and remind you that nothing stands between you and the freedom available to you. 

This is not an escape- it's a returning to your true nature. Reclaim your wild.


confidence through connection



I have built my curriculum to instill responsibility for yourself and the animals we care for.  Sessions include teaching every aspect of horse ownership, and incorporate opportunities for students to become active participants in the care of the horse they ride.  This allows a student to ride with complete confidence because of the partnership they have built.



I get to be a dog



A Dog's Life 

At the EE Ranch, there are no cages or crates. Your pets are truly family. We eat, run, and sleep as a pack.

Your best friend will spend his/her time making new friends and running (safely) free at our 25 acre, private facility. 

We also offer training for everything from jumping fences to aggressive behaviors. We believe all dogs are good; some just need a little extra help. 



Going on vacation, a business trip, or want your best friend to run with a pack all day while you work? 


Have a dog who needs training, re-training, or is exhibiting aggressive behaviors?

If you want the best place to board dogs, cats, horses, or want expert teaching on how to ride, this is the place to go. With their steadfast devotion and commitment to making sure your pet gets only the best care, there is no other place like it.
— S. Hammond