No crates, no cages. We believe in your dog and their need to run (safely) wild with a pack. When you board with us, they will have hours of supervised, outdoor play with other dogs, enjoying the care and love we provide to our own pets. We eat together, sleep together, and they have several opportunities to be trained in a natural setting. 



All dogs are good, but some need more training (or re-training) than others. We specialize in dogs exhibiting unwanted or aggressive behaviors, and pride ourselves on saving the lives of several dogs who were given one last chance. Beyond sit and stay, we teach your dog how to behave in a natural way- the way it should be!




Higher rate for medication administration.

Discounts available for 10 or more days & multiple dogs.

A day at the EE Ranch includes fresh air, playtime, hanging with a pack, and the freedom to run and explore. Your dog will fall asleep every night in front of the fire, or snuggled next to his new friend. We think you'll be amazed at how happy and well-behaved your dog is upon your return. 


First Session is 90 minutes on-site or in-home.  

60 minute rates start at $45/HR/DOG | $75/HR/DOG off-site

Discounted packages available. 

Training can include everything from not jumping the fence, coming when called, or rehabilitating an aggressive dog. The first session is 90 minutes and your attendance is required the entire time. 

* I require full disclosure in order to properly treat and train your dog. Failure to disclose aggressive behavior can result in me or your dog being seriously hurt. Ultimately, "aggressive" will be my determination and additional charges will apply.


All appointments and boarding registrations require a valid credit card kept securely on file for booking.

All appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice will be charged the full fee for the appointment, or have 1 lesson deducted from their package on file.

Boarding registrations require a 50% deposit at time of booking.

All boarding cancellations without 48 hours notice will forfeit the 50% deposit.

We require 2 weeks notice to change boarding dates. Less than 2 weeks notice will incur a $50 change fee. We cannot guarantee there will be space available with less than 2 weeks notice.