It's like coming home.


Who We Are

The EE Ranch has been caring for animals for over 20 years. We are a 25 acre, private facility with 24 hour video surveillance; home to 9 horses, 4 dogs, and some extremely helpful cats. On any given day, we can have up to 15 additional animals we lovingly care for.

We offer riding sessions, dog boarding and training, field trips, and half-day ranch experiences.

What We Believe

We believe every being, no matter past circumstance, has the ability to show and receive love and trust, and can be taught to connect back to their true, wild nature.

We believe all animals are good, but, when they are hurt, they defend, shut down, and close themselves off to receiving the support and love they need to heal and thrive.

We have proven and built our business on the belief that when an animal's true nature is honored, they transform in the best possible ways.

At the EE Ranch, all are welcome to come and reconnect through the healing experience of the unconditional love our animals can provide for us.



"Everyone said my dog was a lost cause. Wendy proved them wrong."

Sarah B.


Behavioral Training

For 20 years, we've been a home for countless abused, neglected, and lost animals. When "nothing works," we're the place vets send you. We work with ALL behavioral issues, and count "death row dogs" among our happiest clients. Of course, most dogs (and, let's be honest- their humans) simply need to be reminded of the natural flow of pack order and how to introduce it into your home. 

We know how frustrating or even frightening it can be to have a dog that feels out of control. We will show you and your dog exactly how to connect to each other in a way that feels easy and delivers the loving, bonded relationship you and your pet deserve.



Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 1.03.32 PM.png

Wendy Wilkerson


I have dedicated my life to rescuing and rehabilitating animals.  The bond I have built with them is something I wish to share with all of my students. When you take care of the animals, they take care of you.   I have been sharing my knowledge with students for over 20 years, and I look forward to 20 more.



head ranch assistant

I follow my Mom's lead and protect the ranch. No one drives or walks by without me knowing it. I have a particular fondness for keeping Scooby off the fence, but I also like belly rubs, meeting new (nice) people, and kids are my FAVORITE!


The Herd

supporters of unbridled love & connection

Let's face it, we're the reason this place even exists. Our Mom rescued us from some pretty terrible conditions, and we've shown her how much love we have to give back. We can't wait to show you too!